Allergens, laboratory animals

Agent Name
Allergens, laboratory animals
Major Category
Biological Agents
Laboratory animal allergens (LAA);
Animal-Derived Allergens
Occupational asthma exposed to various laboratory animal allergens reported in laboratory workers; [Malo] Occupational contact urticaria documented in workers exposed to rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and frogs; also to contact with Hair (rat, mice), Liver, Placenta (cow), Serum (amphibian), Urine, Gut (pig); "SPTs [skin prick tests] to laboratory animals have been positive in 15-21% of persons who work with animals in laboratories and to cow in 5-14% of some farmer populations." [Kanerva, p. 220, 820] "The presence of the clinical symptoms associated with LA [laboratory animal] exposure and high FeNO [exhaled nitric oxide] levels should prompt further medical assessment in LA workers." [PMID 29858653] See the job task, "Handle laboratory animals."
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