Balsam of Peru

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Balsam of Peru
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Biological Agents
Balsam Peru; Balsamum peruvianim; Black balsam; China oil; Honduras balsam; Indian balsam; Peruvian balsam; Surinam balsam; Toluifera pereirae; [Marks, p. 67]
Wood Dusts & Extracts
A dark brown liquid mixture derived from a tree that grows in Central America, balsam of Peru has a pleasant cinnamon-vanilla odor and is used in cosmetics, topical medications, flavors, and spices. [Marks, p. 66-7]
"A positive patch test response to balsam of Peru strongly suggests a fragrance allergy." [Marks, p. 67] Balsam of Peru causes nonimmunologic and possibly immunologic contact urticaria. [Kanerva, p. 219] Balsam of Peru is one of the immediate-type allergens to which bakers are exposed. [Kanerva, p. 1274]
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Skin Sensitizer

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