Machine wood and inhale dust

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Machine wood and inhale dust
Occupational asthma was documented in 3.4 % of 1320 workers exposed to Western red cedar at a furniture factory. [Malo] "Although asthma is the most disabling lung disease among woodworkers, one should realize that inhalation of wood dusts also gives rise to chronic bronchitis with and without airflow obstruction." [Asthma in the Workplace, p. 285] Allergenic wood dusts include: abiruana, California redwood, cedar of Lebanon, cocabolla, iroko, eastern white cedar, fernambouc, cinnamon, kotibe wood, ebony wood, western red cedar, cabreuva, English oak, ashwood, mahogany, quillaja bark, ramin, Tanganyika aningre, African zebrawood, kejaat, Central American walnut, African maple, pau marfim, Chengal (Neobalanocarpus hemeii), Falcata (Albizia falcataria), Cedrorana (Cedrelinga catenaeformis Ducke), Ipe (Tabebuia spp), and Sapele wood dust;.[Malo]
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