What Is the Relationship Between Haz-Map and NLM?

In 2000, the author was invited to publish Haz-Map on the TOXNET website after one of the members of Specialized Information Services (SIS) heard a presentation of Haz-Map in Washington DC.

After completing profiles of new chemicals added to Haz-Map, the updated tables are sent to SIS at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) in Bethesda, Maryland. The information is published in a web-based relational database that displays the information in a user interface similar to the PC-based relational database used by the Haz-Map author.

Haz-Map is like an electronic textbook. NLM is the publisher.

The author of Haz-Map is like the editor of a textbook:

  1. The editor chooses which information to include or exclude. 

  2. The editor requires that all references are up to date and from the peer-reviewed literature. 

  3. The editor ensures that all chapters are written clearly, topics are covered in a consistent manner, and indexing is accurate. 

  4. After completion, the editor submits the new edition to a publisher for final layout design and copy editing. 

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Revised: May 30, 2018


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