Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the purpose of the database?

2. What was the original question with which Haz-Map began?

3. Why are occupational diseases difficult to recognize?

4. In what way is Haz-Map like a map?

5. What is the relationship between Haz-Map and NLM?

The Scientific Method

6. What is the scientific method?

7. Was the scientific method used to build Haz-Map?

8. Is the scientific method used to update Haz-Map?

Building the Database

9. What were the precursors of Haz-Map?

10. How has new technology (personal computers, the Internet, relational database software) made new solutions possible?

11. What is meant by "distilling and indexing scientific information"?

12. What were the first adverse effects added?

13. What were the first hazardous job tasks added?

14. How are disease-agent relationships determined in Haz-Map?

15. How does Haz-Map handle information from animal toxicology and medical toxicology?

Updating the Database

16. How frequently is Haz-Map updated?

17. What are the most important sources for updating the database?

18. What chemicals and diseases have been added to Haz-Map over the years?


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