What Were the Precursors of Haz-Map?

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Figure 9. Five occupational medicine textbooks that mapped the knowledge domain before Haz-Map.

The early development of the content relied on textbooks of occupational medicine (LaDou, Rom, Rosenstock, Sullivan & Krieger, and Zenz). The textbooks were precursors of Haz-Map, which is like an electronic book. Another important precursor was the NIOSH Sentinel Health Events (Occupational). SHE(O)s first published by Rutstein et al. in 1983 and updated by Mullan and Murthy in 1991. Sixty-four occupational diseases were linked to causal agents and associated industries. See Haz-Map Diseases by Category for the original SHE(O) diseases and the ones now in Haz-Map.

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Revised: May 30, 2018


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