Was the Scientific Method Used to Build Haz-Map?

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Figure 7. Five of the important scientific publications used to build Haz-Map.

Observing and recording information about natural phenomena is part of the scientific method.

All of the health-related content in Haz-Map comes from peer-reviewed sources, and the methods used to extract the information were published in a peer-reviewed journal.

"It is emphasized that not all epidemiological studies are equally informative or of equal quality. Some have low statistical power and provide little information on risks; others are so susceptible to potential or actual biases that findings have little or no validity. It is important to consider methodological issues when interpreting the evidence from different studies, and it is the consistency of findings in different studies conducted by different investigators in different parts of the world that is most informative." [John Boice. "Ionizing Radiation" in Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention.]

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Revised: May 30, 2018


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