The first form shown here is the "Disease Query" tab of the "Main Form." In this example the user is searching for all diseases or syndromes in the database associated with the symptom "wheezing." Browse lists help the user find a search criteria from the "controlled vocabulary" of the database.


In this example, the user clicked the "Browse 1" button to open the "Symptom Browser." The respiratory category was clicked to show signs and symptoms in that category. The user selected "wheezing" and clicked "OK." This put the term in the search box as shown in the previous screen shot. 


Shown here are the search results of all occupational diseases in the database associated with "wheezing." Clicking the "View" button with "Asthma, occupational" selected opens the Diseases form on that record.


This is the Diseases form displaying information for occupational asthma, one of 182 occupational diseases or syndromes in the database. Items in both the "Signs and Symptoms" list and the "High-Risk Job Tasks" list are linked to forms with more detailed information. Double clicking an item functions in the same way demonstrated on User Interface #2 for cadmium and abrasive blasting. Clicking the "Go to Agents that Cause the Disease" button opens the Agents form filtered for all agents in the database associated with occupational asthma (208 agents). 

Diseases are classified as acute-severe, acute-moderate, subacute, or chronic. The "Category" drop-down list box can be utilized to filter the diseases by nine categories: Airway, Acute Poison, Chronic Poison, Infection, Interstitial, Metals, Skin, Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, or Cancer. You can also use the "Find Disease" button to browse diseases by categories.

The user can click the "Print Disease" button to print the information for the disease being shown.

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