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Dextrin formula graphical representation
Caloreen; Dextrine; Amaizo 1706; Amaizo 1752S; Amycol 1; Aquaflake 31; Arabix 6; Arabix 7; Avedex 35; Avedex 58MD14; Avedex 58MD14C; Avedex W 15; Avedex W 90; British gum; C 23 (polysaccaride); CPC 8071; Canary S 8032; Corn dextrin; Cream Dextrin 15; Crystal Gum; Crystal Tex 627; D 3100 (gum); D 400E; DF 2600; Dextrid; Dextrin 10; Dextrin 101; Dextrin 1104; Dextrin 12; Dextrin 1719; Dextrin 20; Dextrin 3; Dextrina Bianca; Dextrins; EDW 90; Eclipse G; Electrocol 70; Emdex 30An45; Farinex CO 2; Farinex MJ; Fibersol 2; Fortodex; Fungal amylase starch; Microcrystalline cellulose; Nutriose; Starch gum; Dextrin (corn); Dextrin, having more than 85% of its molecules with molecular masses between 1640 and 45,000 with a claimed-average molecular mass of approximately 20,000; [ChemIDplus] Pyrodextrin; Torrefaction dextrin; [Merck Index]
Light yellow powder; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]
"Glucose polymer with average length of five glucose units for dietary energy supplement." [ChemIDplus] Made by dry heating unmodified starches or made from enzyme or acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of wet starch; Used as an excipient for dry extracts and pills, to make emulsions and dry bandages, for thickening dye pastes and textile-dyeing mordants, sizing paper and fabrics, and printing tapestries; Also used in felt, printer's inks, glues, matches, fireworks, and explosives; [Merck Index] Used as flavoring agent, anticaking agent, drying agent, formulation aid, humectant, lubricant or release agent, nutritive sweetener, solvent, and stabilizer or thickener for foods; [FDA] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]
May cause irritation; [Sigma-Aldrich MSDS]
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