Glycerol ester of rosin

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Glycerol ester of rosin
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Biological Agents
Foral 85; Disproportionated rosin, glycerol ester; Ester gum; Glycerol ester of disproportionated rosin; Glycerol, rosin polymer; Gum rosin, glyceryl ester; Rosin ester with glycerol; Rosin, glycerin ester; Rosin, glycerine ester; Rosin, glycerol ester; Rosin, glycerol resin; Resin acids and Rosin acids, esters with glycerol; Resin acids and rosin acids, esters with glycerol; [ChemIDplus] Esters de glycerine de colophane; Glycerol ester of colophony; [IUCLID] Eastman Ester Gum 8WA-M Resin, Kosher; [Eastman Chemical MSDS]
Rosin and Derivatives
Solid; [IUCLID] Odorless solid; [Eastman Chemical MSDS]
Used in the basic chemical and paper-pulp-board industries; Used as an adhesive and binding agent; [IUCLID] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA] Used as a food and feed additive and pharmaceutical intermediate; [Eastman Chemical MSDS]
A mild skin irritant in rabbits (classified by the EC as not irritating); Not a skin sensitizer in guinea pigs; No toxic effects or skin sensitization observed in dermal study of humans; [IUCLID] Rosin esters administered at high doses demonstrate reduced growth and liver effects in repeated dose oral studies of rats; Poor reproductive performance; Decreased testes and changes of the male reproductive system; Slight decrease in the mean number of implantation sites per pregnancy; No evidence of teratogenicity or carcinogenicity; [EPA ChAMP: Hazard Characterization] See "Colophony."
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