Agent Name
CAS Number
Major Category
Plastics & Rubber
Pevikon formula graphical representation
50ME; A 15 (Polymer); A 15S; A15; A15-0; Bakelite LP 70; Bakelite VLFV; Bakelite VMCC; Bakelite VSJD 10; Bakelite VYHD; Bakelite VYHH; Bakelite VYHN; Bakelite VYNS; Bakelite VYNW; Breon 351; Breon 425; Breon AS 60/41; Chloroethylenevinyl acetate polymer; Corvic 236581; Corvic 51/83; Corvic R 46/88; Denka AC 50; Denka Vinyl MM 90; Denkalac 41M; Denkalac 61; Diamond Shamrock 7401; Diamond Shamrock 744; Eslec C; Exon 450; Exon 454; Exon 470; Exon 481; Exon 760; Flovic; GEON 100X150; GEON 103 ZX; GEON 1032X; GEON 103EP-J; GEON 130X10; GEON 135; GEON 150XML; GEON 351; GEON 400X47; GEON 421; GEON 427; GEON 434; GEON 440L2; GEON 450X150PN; Hostaflex VP 150; Hostalit PVP; Lucovyl PA 1302; Lucovyl GA 8502; Lucovyl MA 6028; Lucovyl PA 1208; Marvinol VP 56; Norvinyl P 6; Opalon 400; PVC Cordo; Pevikon C 870; Pliovac AO; Pliovic AO; Polyvinyl chloride-polyvinyl acetate; Resin 4301; Rhodopas 6000; Rhodopas AX; Rhodopas AX 30/10; Rhodopas AX 85/15; S 2803; Sarpifan HP 1; Sconatex; Solvic 513PB; Solvic 523KC; Solvic PA 513; Solvinc PA 513; Sumilit PCX; Tennus 0565; Tygon; VA 3 (Copolymer); VAGD; VH 10/60; VLVF; VMCC; VYHH; VYNS; VYNW; Vilit 40; Vinnol H 10/60; Vinnol H 15/45; Vinnol H 40/60; Vinyl acetate-vinyl chloride copolymer; Vinyl acetate-vinyl chloride polymer; Vinyl chloride vinyl acetate polymer; Vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymer; Vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate polymer; Vinylite VGHH; Vinylite VYDR; Vinylite VYDR 21; Vinylite VYFS; Vinylite VYHD; Vinylite VYHH; Vinylite VYNS; Vinylite VYNW; Vinylite VYHH-1; Vinyon; Vygen 220; Acetic acid ethenyl ester polymer with chlorethene (9CI); Acetic acid ethenyl ester, polymer with chloroethene; Acetic acid, vinyl ester, polymer with chloroethylene; [ChemIDplus] Poly(vinyl acetate-co-vinyl chloride); [FDA]
White odorless powder; [Wacker Polymers MSDS]
"Copolymer of polyvinyl chloride & polyvinylacetate; supporting medium used in electrophoresis." [ChemIDplus] Used as a binder for paints, adhesives, and lacquers; [Wacker Polymers MSDS]
Not expected to present acute or chronic adverse health effects; [Wacker Polymers MSDS]
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IARC Carcinogen
Not classifiable

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