Sodium gluconate

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Sodium gluconate
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Sodium gluconate formula graphical representation
D-Gluconic acid, sodium salt (1:1); Gluconic acid, monosodium salt, D-; Gluconic acid, sodium salt; D-Gluconic acid, monosodium salt; Glonsen; Gluconato di sodio [Italian]; Gluconic acid sodium salt; Monosodium D-gluconate; Monosodium gluconate; Pasexon 100T; Sodium D-gluconate; [ChemIDplus]
Organic Acids, Metal Salts
White solid; [ICSC] Technical product may have a pleasant odor; [Merck Index] White crystals with a pleasant odor; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]
Used as a chelating agent, bottle cleanser, finish remover, and in the tanning and textile industries; [Merck Index] Used in industrial, institutional, and household cleaning, metal surface treatment, textile bleach stabilization, aluminum processing, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, foods, cement set retarding, and sequestering for concrete and mortar; [OECD SIDS: Gluconic acid and its derivatives - 2004] Used as a flavoring agent, nutritional supplement, and sequestrant for foods; [FDA] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA]
No listed effects of short-term or long-term exposure; [ICSC] Not a skin or eye irritant; No significant adverse effects in chronic studies of animals; Reproductive studies negative; No data available on carcinogenicity or inhalation toxicity; [OECD SIDS: Gluconic acid and its derivatives - 2004] May cause eye irritation; [Alfa Aesar MSDS] See "Gluconic acid."
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