Propene, 2-methyl-, homopolymer

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Propene, 2-methyl-, homopolymer
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Major Category
Plastics & Rubber
Propene, 2-methyl-, homopolymer formula graphical representation
1-Propene, 2-methyl-, homopolymer; 1-Propene, 2-methyl-, homopolymer(C4H8)x, x = 17; 2-Methyl-1-propene, homopolymer; 2-Methylpropene polymer; Hyvis 200; Hyvis 2000; Hyvis 30; Indopol H 1900; Isobutene homopolymer; Isobutene polymer; Isobutylene homopolymer; Isobutylene polymer; Isobutylene resin; KP 5; Maxvis 2000; Napvis 30; Oktol; Oppanol B; Oppanol B 100; Oppanol B 15; Oppanol B 150; Oppanol B 200; Oppanol B 3; P 118; P 20 (polymer); P 200; P 85 (polyolefin); PB 150; PIB 100; PSB; PSB (aliphatic polymer); Paratac; Paxon 3204; Poly(2-methyl-1-propene); Poly(2-methylpropene); Polyisobutene; Polyisobutylene; Polyisobutylene psg; Polyvis 06SH; Polyvis 150SH; Polyvis 200SH; Polyvis 30SH; Propene, 2-methyl-, polymers; [ChemIDplus]
Viscosity of the substance increases as the number of units in the polymer increases (varies from 10-1000); [Hawley]
Used as a sealant, an adhesive, a coating, and an additive to polymers and lubricating oils; Used to make butyl rubber with the addition of 2% isoprene; [Hawley] Used as a sticky substance to repel pigeons and other birds (Roost-No-More); []
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