Tall-oil pitch

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Tall-oil pitch
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Biological Agents
Tall oil pitch; [ChemIDplus] Kiefernolpech; POIX DE TALL OIL; Sulfatpech; Tallpech; [IUCLID] Pitch PN; [Nayler MSDS]
Rosin and Derivatives
Dark semi-liquid; [IUCLID] Black viscous liquid with a strong odor; [Nayler MSDS]
Used in the chemical and fuel industries, as an adhesive, binding agent, coloring agent, and fuel; [IUCLID] Used in formulations as a game repellant applied to trees; [ExPub: EFSA - PRAPer Conclusion]
"TSCA Definition 2008: The residue from the distillation of tall oil. It contains primarily high-boiling esters of fatty acids and rosin. It may also contain neutral materials, free fatty acids and rosin acids." [ChemIDplus] Members of the tall oil and related substances category demonstrate changes in clinical chemistry (increased alkaline phosphatase at 2 highest doses, approximately 414 and 1,600 mg/kg/day), increased liver weights in males (2 highest doses), decreased adrenal gland weights, and decreased implantation sites in repeated-dose oral studies of rats (no histopathological findings); [EPA ChAMP: Hazard Characterization] An eye irritant; [Nayler MSDS] See "Colophony."
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