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Mineral Dusts
Soap clay; Bensulfoid (mixture name); 250M; AEG 325; Accofloc 352; Accugel F; Akajo; Albagel Premium USP 4444; Altonit SF; Aquagel; Aquagel Gold Seal; Asama; Askangel; Benclay; Bengel; Bengel 11; Bengel 15; Bengel 23; Bengel A; Bengel FW; Bengel HVP; BentoGrout; Bentolite HS; Bentolite L; Bentone 660; Bentonit T; Bentonite 2073; Bentonite magma; Bentonite, calcian-sodian; Bentosolon 82; Black Hills BH 200; Bulgarben BA; CVIS; Clarit BW 100; Clarit BW 125; Colloidal clay; Cosintam 403; Culvin; Detercal G 1FC; Detercal G 2FC; Detercol P 2; EX 0030 (clay); EX 0276; EX-M 703; Filgel; Fulbent 570; G 100 (clay); GK 129SA3; GK 129SA5; HI-Jel; Imvite I.G.B.A; Magbond; Otaylite; Panther creek bentonite; Southern bentonite; Tixoton; Volcaly bentonite BC; Volclay; Wilkinite; Wilkonite; [ChemIDplus]
Other Mineral Dusts
A clay (aluminum silicate) that varies in color from yellow-white to almost black; As a powder, it is cream colored to pale brown. It forms gels when water is added. [Merck Index]
Mined in Wyoming from rocks that contain at least 75% sodium montmorillonite or beidelite; Silica content ranges from <1% to 25%; Workers in milling plants are exposed to the highest concentrations of this dust. Used in foundry sand, drilling mud, and iron ore palletizing; [Rom, p. 526] Also used in cat litter, waterproofing materials, and animal feed; [HSDB]
A case of silicosis in a worker exposed to contaminated bentonite was reported in 1971, and other bentonite workers may be at risk for silicosis. No lung diseases caused by bentonite alone have been reported. [Rom, p. 527] "The substance may have effects on the lungs, resulting in silicosis due to the presence of crystalline silica." [ICSC] See "Montmorillonite."
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