Potassium gluconate

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Potassium gluconate
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Potassium gluconate formula graphical representation
D-Gluconic acid, potassium salt (1:1); D-Gluconic acid, monopotassium salt; Gluconic acid potassium salt; Gluconic acid, monopotassium salt; Gluconsan K; K-IAO; Kalium Gluconate; Kalium-beta; Kaon; Kaon elixir; Katorin; KOK; Monopotassium D-gluconate; Potalium; Potasoral; Potassium D-gluconate; Potassuril; Sirokal; [ChemIDplus] Kalimozan; Tumil-K; [Merck Index]
Organic Acids, Metal Salts
Yellowish white solid; [Merck Index] Crystalline powder; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]
Used as a chelating agent, high alkalinity bottle cleanser, finish remover, and in the tanning and textile industries; [Merck Index] Used for industrial cleaning, metal surface treatment, textile bleach stabilizing, aluminum processing, and as a chelating agent in cement set retarding, cleaning products, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and foods; Also used as a potassium supplement in injection solutions; [OECD SIDS: Gluconic acid and its derivatives - 2004]
No significant adverse effects in chronic studies of animals; Reproductive studies negative; No data available on carcinogenicity or inhalation toxicity; [OECD SIDS: Gluconic acid and its derivatives - 2004] No information on reproductive or lactation effects; [REPROTOX] May cause irritation; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]
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