Methyl rosinate

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Methyl rosinate
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Biological Agents
Rosin acid, methyl ester; Abalyn; Abalyn E; Albayn; Resin acids, methyl esters; Rosin, methyl ester; Resin acids and Rosin acids, Me esters; [ChemIDplus] ABALYN; Methyl ester of rosin; [Pinova MSDS]
Rosin and Derivatives
Amber viscous liquid with an odor of rosin; [Pinova MSDS]
Rosin esters are mainly used as adhesives and binding agents; [EPA ChAMP: Initial Risk-Based Prioritization] Used in cleaning agents, adhesives, coatings, agrochemicals, and various consumer products; [ExPub: ECHA REACH Registrations] Used as a plasticizer for pressure sensitive and hot melt adhesives, softener for rubber, and component of lacquers, inks, varnishes, and asphalt; [Pinova MSDS]
Causes other changes of the liver, kidney, ureter, and bladder and proteinuria in oral lethal-dose studies of guinea pigs and rabbits; [RTECS] Rosin esters at high oral doses demonstrate reduced growth and liver effects in rats; Results of high-dose animal studies include poor reproductive performance, decreased testes, and slight decrease in the mean number of implantation sites per pregnancy; No evidence of teratogenicity or carcinogenicity; [EPA ChAMP: Hazard Characterization] May cause skin and eye irritation; Reports of respiratory sensitization from repeated inhalation exposure to decomposition products present in smoke or fumes created by heating; [Pinova MSDS] See "Tall-oil rosin." See "Abietic acid."
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