Calcium peroxide

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Calcium peroxide
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Calcium dioxide; Calcium peroxide (Ca(O2)); Calper; Calper G; [ChemIDplus] UN1457
Peroxides, Metal
White or yellowish odorless solid; Slightly soluble in water; Decomposes in moist air; [Merck Index] Yellowish odorless powder; Insoluble in water; [MSDSonline]
Used as a rubber stabilizer, antiseptic, seed disinfectant, starch modifier, sewage deodorizer, and wastewater dechlorinator; Also used for dentifrices; in dough conditioners; for bleaching of oils; in high temperature oxidations; for curing the polysulfide sealants used in double glazing window units; to increase recovery of gold and reduce the consumption of cyanide (at gold mines); to improve the bioremediation of soils contaminated with creosote or kerosene; for removing metal ions from acidic waste streams such as coal ash leachate and acid mine drainage; in the cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, tobacco, and prawns (Japan); [HSDB] Used as a flour treatment agent; [JECFA]
A skin, eye, and nose, and throat irritant; Restricted by FDA to 0.0075 part for each 100 parts of flour by weight; [HSDB] A powerful oxidizing agent used in flour; No treatment level set; [JECFA] A corrosive substance that can cause injury to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract; Inhalation may cause chemical pneumonitis; [MSDSonline]
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Adverse Effects

Toxic Pneumonitis
Skin burns

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