Ammonium sulfide

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Ammonium sulfide
Alternative Name
Diammonium sulfide
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Ammonium sulfide formula graphical representation
Ammonium monosulfide; Ammonium sulfide (solution); Ammonium sulfide, true; True ammonium sulfide; Ammonium sulfide solution; Ammonium sulfide solution (45% or less); [ChemIDplus] UN2683
Sulfur Compounds
Colorless to yellow solid below -18 deg C; Decomposes above this temperature; [HSDB] Available as colorless to yellow solution with an odor of rotten eggs; [CAMEO] 40-44% aqueous solution is yellow liquid with a stench; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]
Used to apply patina to bronze, for iron control in soda ash production, and to make ammonium thiosulfite; Also used in trace metal analysis, photographic developers, metallurgy, textiles, synthetic flavors, and "cold wave sets"; [HSDB] Used to make surfactants and photocopy paper; [EPA OHM/TADS]
A strong skin and mucous membrane irritant; May cause serious eye injury; Inhalation may result in dizziness and bronchial pneumonia (500 ppm for 30 min) and death (600 ppm for 30 min); Skin absorption may result in hydrogen sulfide poisoning; Deaths have been reported following application of permanent wave solution; Emergency treatment: "Corrosives- alkaline"; [HSDB] Readily oxidized to ignite spontaneously in air; Decomposed slowly by moisture evolving the flammable gas hydrogen sulfide; A severe skin irritant; Can cause severe burns to eyes; [CAMEO] Commercially available as 40-44% aqueous solution (known as ammonium hydrosulfide or ammonium sulfhydrate solution); Quickly decomposes evolving ammonia; A skin irritant; [EPA OHM/TADS] A corrosive substance that can cause injury to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract; Inhalation may cause chemical pneumonitis; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]
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The Guide in the Emergency Response Guidebook is for "Ammonium sulfide, solution."

Adverse Effects

Toxic Pneumonitis
Skin burns
Other Poison
Chemical Asphyxiant

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