Dimethyl methylphosphonate

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Dimethyl methylphosphonate
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Dimethyl methylphosphonate formula graphical representation
DMMP; Dimethoxymethylphosphine oxide; Dimethyl methanephosphonate; Dimethylmethylphosphonate; Fyrol DMMP; Methanephosphonic acid dimethyl ester; Methyl phosphonic acid, dimethyl ester; Phosphonic acid, methyl-,dimethyl ester; Pyrol DMMP; [ChemIDplus]
Organophosphates, Other
Colorless liquid; [Merck Index] Pleasant odor; [CAMEO]
Used in NMR probe for cell volume, as a flame retardant, and to simulate nerve agents such as sarin; [Merck Index] Used in heavy metal extraction and solvent separation; Also used as a pre-ignition additive for gasoline, an antifoam agent, a plasticizer and stabilizer, a textile conditioner and antistatic agent, and an additive in solvents and hydraulic fluids; [HSDB]
None to very minor skin and minor eye irritant in rabbits; No reproductive or developmental toxicity observed in rats except at doses that are maternally toxic; No evidence of teratogenicity; [HSDB] Highly flammable; A skin, eye, mucous membrane, and upper respiratory tract irritant; A weak cholinesterase inhibitor; [CAMEO] Mutagenic, reproductive, and tumorigenic effects; [RTECS] Affects fertility in male rats (decreased sperm count and motility); Recovery noted after 14 weeks, but not complete by histology; No data on effects in human pregnancy; [REPROTOX]
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Exposure Assessment

Vapor Pressure
1.2 mm Hg
Lethal Concentration
LC50 (rat) > 26,100 mg/m3/1hr

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