Sodium nitrite

Agent Name
Sodium nitrite
CAS Number
Major Category
Nitrogen Compounds
Sodium nitrite formula graphical representation
Anti-Rust; Azotyn sodowy [Polish]; Diazotizing salts; Dusitan sodny [Czech]; Erinitrit; Filmerine; Natrium nitrit [German]; Nitrite de sodium [French]; Nitrito sodico [Spanish]; Synfat 1004; Nitrous acid, sodium salt; [ChemIDplus] UN1500
Nitrates and Nitrites
White or slightly yellow hygroscopic solid; [Merck Index]
Used for dyeing and printing textile fabrics (color fixative); for bleaching flax, silk, and linen; for recovering tin from scrap; as a preservative in meats, meat products, and fish; as an intermediate in metal treatment and finishing operations; Also used in photography, rubber accelerators, heat-transfer salts, de-tinning solutions and multipurpose greases, drugs (vasodilator, smooth muscle relaxant, and antidote for cyanide poisoning), and to make nitroso and isonitroso compounds, diazo dyes, pharmaceuticals, agricultural pesticides, and other organic chemicals; [HSDB]
Emergency treatment: "Nitrites"; [HSDB] A strong oxidant that reacts with combustible and reducing substances posing fire and explosion hazard; An eye irritant; Can induce methemoglobinemia; [ICSC] A strong oxidizing agent; May explode on prolonged exposure to heat; An eye irritant; Can induce methemoglobinemia; [CAMEO] May cause moderate eye irritation, based on animal studies; [CHEMINFO] See "NITRATES and NITRITES."
Biomedical References

Exposure Assessment

Lethal Concentration
LC50 (rat) = 5.5 mg/m3/4h

Adverse Effects

MetHgb is secondary toxic effect

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