Sorbitan monooleate

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Sorbitan monooleate
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Sorbitan monooleate formula graphical representation
1,4-Anhydro-D-glucitol, 6-(9-octadecenoate); Anhydrosorbitol monooleate; D-Glucitol, 1,4-anhydro-, 6-(9-octadecenoate); Sorbitan, mono-9-octadecenoate; Alkamuls SMO; Arlacel 80; Armotan MO; Atmer 05; Crill 4; Dehymuls SMO; Disponil 100; Emasol 410; Emasol O 10; Emasol O 10F; Emsorb 2500; G 946; Glycomul O; Ionet S-80; Kemmat S 80; Kosteran O 1; Lonzest SMO; ML 33F; ML 55F; MO 33F; Monodehydrosorbitol monooleate; Montan 80; Montane 80 VGA; Newcol 80; Nikkol SO 10; Nikkol SO-15; Nissan Nonion OP 80R; Nonion OP80R; O 250; Oleate de sorbitan [INN-French]; Oleato de sorbitano [INN-Spanish]; Radiasurf 7155; Rheodol AO 10; Rheodol SP-O 10; Rikemal O 250; S 270; S 271 (surfactant); S 80; S-MAX 80; Sorbester P 17; Sorbitan O; Sorbitan monooleate. (Compound usually contains also associated fatty acids.); Sorbitan monooleic acid ester; Sorbitan oleate; Sorbitan, mono-9-octadecenoate, (Z)-; Sorbitani oleas [INN-Latin]; Sorbon S 80; Sorgen 40; Sorgen 40A; Span 80; [ChemIDplus]
Yellow to amber liquid; [Merck Index] Clear deep brownish-yellow viscous liquid; [MSDSonline]
A non-ionic surface active agent; Used as emulsifier, stabilizer, and thickener (foods, cosmetics, and medicines), lubricant and softener in textiles, and surfactant for pharmaceuticals; [Merck Index] Used as emulsifier for water-in-oil emulsions; [HSDB] Used for synthesis in chemical industry, refining and processing metals, and in paints, lacquers, and varnishes industry; [IUCLID]
May cause irritation; May be harmful if swallowed; [MSDSonline]
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