Tall oil

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Tall oil
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Biological Agents
Acintol C; Acintol D 29 LR; Liquid rosin; Rosin, liquid; Tall oil rosin; Tall oil rosin and fatty acids; Talleol; Tallol; Unitol CX; Unitol DT 40; Yatall MA; Lignin liquor; Tall oil (crude and distilled); Tall oil [Oil, misc.]; [ChemIDplus] OILS, MISCELLANEOUS: TALL; [CAMEO] Rosin sulphate; Oils, Tall, sylvic, or Swedish pine; Resins, tall-oil, sulphate; Bevacid 25/30; Bevital 25/30 NL; Crude Tall Oil; Distilled Tall Oil; Unito DT 40; Valke DTO 25/30; Valke DTO RS; DTO 110M; Reconstituted Crude Tall Oil; Crude talloil; CTO; Distilled tall oil; Distilled talloil; Resina da Tallolio; Rohtallol; RTO; Ratallolje; Talloil brut; TALLOIL DISTILLATO, ACIDI GRASSI DA TALLOIL- 25% ACIDI RESINICI; [IUCLID] SYLFAT CTO; [Arizona Chemical MSDS] Tall oil, distilled; [ACGIH]
Rosin and Derivatives
Dark brown liquid with an odor like burnt rosin; [Merck Index] Yellow oily liquid; [CAMEO] Dark brown liquid with a sulfurous odor; [Arizona Chemical MSDS]
By-product of wood pulp industry; Used to make soap pastes, flotation agents, greases, paints, alkyd resins, linoleum, soaps, fungicides, asphalt emulsions, rubber formulations, cutting oils, and sulfonated oils; [Merck Index] Used in the chemical, paints-lacquers-varnishes, and personal and domestic use industries; Used for the extraction, refining, and processing of metals, as an adhesive/binding agent, intermediate, cleaning/washing agent, disinfectant, and flotation agent; [IUCLID] Used as an active ingredient in plant protection products designed to repel game from biting seedlings and grown trees; [ExPub: EFSA: DAR - Vol. 1] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA] Used in vehicle paints, emulsifiers, driers, oil-well drilling muds, core oils, lubricants, rubber reclaiming, adhesives, as a source of rosin, linoleic, oleic, and other fatty acids, and to make cortisone and sex hormones; [HSDB]
"TSCA Definition 2008: A complex combination of tall oil rosin and fatty acids derived from acidulation of crude tall oil soap and including that which is further refined. Contains at least 10% rosin." [ChemIDplus] Danger of skin sensitization; [MAK] Changes in clinical chemistry (increased alkaline phosphatase at 2 highest doses, approximately 414 and 1,600 mg/kg/day), increased liver weights in males (2 highest doses), decreased adrenal gland weights, and decreased implantation sites in repeated-dose oral studies of rats (no histopathological findings); [EPA ChAMP: Hazard Characterization] "Tall" is Swedish for pine; Composed of rosin acids, oleic acids, linoleic acids, long chain alcohols, and a small quantity of sterols; [Merck Index] May cause irritation and skin sensitization; [Arizona Chemical MSDS] See "Tall-oil rosin."
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Skin Sensitizer
Hepatoxic (a) from occupational exposure (secondary effect) or (b) in animal studies or in humans after ingestion

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