Textile arts

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Textile arts
Batiik is "a fabric printed by an Indonesian method of hand-printing textiles by coating with wax the parts not to be dyed" [WWWebster Dictionary] Potential exposure to pyrolysis products of wax (acrolein), formaldehyde, oxalic acid, chromates, and other dyes; [Rom, 3rd ed, p. 1466] Carbon tetrachloride has been used in batik printing. Potential expsosures in the textile arts are to cotton and other vegetable fiber dusts, acid dyes (acetic acid, sulfuric acid, and sodium sulfate), cold-water dyes (sodium carbonate), vat dyes (sodium hydroxide and chromic acid), discharge dyes (sodium hypochlorite), and mordants (alum, ammonium hydroxide, copper sulfate, potassium acid tartrate, ferrous sulfate, oxalic acid, potassium dichromate, stannous chloride, tannic acid, and urea). [www.ci.tucson.az.us/arthazards/medium.html] For safety practices, see [PMID 28665840]

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